Application Android Speed Dial Lite

 Applications Android Speed Dial Lite

Looking for a elaborate and straightforward picture dial app? With SpeedDial you can select up to one hundred twenty (12 in Lite Version) of your contacts and access them with just a single click.

Define what happens on short or long click. choose between instant decision, sending a text message or simply viewing the contact.

Use the animated grouping feature for e.g. friends, famliy or co-workers.

The easiest and best wanting speed dialer you can get!

*** Notice ***
Please read the FAQ below if you have more questions. Report bugs to me rather than giving a foul rating. i'll fix them as soon as possible!
SpeedDial doesn't support Tablets or Honeycomb three.xx!! Some users reported problems with Motorola Atrix 4G, HTC Thunderbolt. Please try the free version first!

*** options ***
- one hundred twenty contact shortcuts (12 in Lite Version)
- four animated contact teams (full version only)
- SWIPE through the teams (full version only)
- Customizable click actions
- Fullscreen mode
- completely different layouts (small, medium, large)
- Portrait and landscape support
- Multiple contact phone variety support
- fast and straightforward dialer
- Open phone's decision log, contacts and dialer
- Mediascanner

*** FAQ ***
Q: How can i add a new shortcut from my phone's contact list?
A: Long click the 'plus icon' or use 'Actions' from the main menu. The contact picker can return up to settle on a contact...

Q: one thing is not working properly. What can i do?
A: If the FAQ doesn't facilitate, contact me using the 'Feedback' perform in Settings view or 'Contact Developer' within the Android Market. i'll try to support you as soon as doable. If you like this app, please rate it!

Q: what is the difference between the complete and the lite version?
A: The lite version has a similar options like the full version, except that it is restricted to nine shortcuts and that it doesn't have the grouping functionality. NO Ads! thus please install the lite version 1st and check if it is running properly on your device before shopping for the complete version!

Q: My contacts do not have caller footage. can i nevertheless use SpeedDial?
A: Yes, you can. however having caller footage is that the whole purpose of SpeedDial. If no picture is obtainable, the Android brand and the name of the contact will be displayed.

Q: Settings: What are the 'Shortcuts Group' sliders for?
A: define the quantity of visible shortcuts. If you have a collection of shortcuts and cut back the quantity of buttons, the shortcuts will not be deleted, only hidden. when increasing the buttons count, the shortcuts will be visible again. If the count is ready to '0', this view will be skipped if you cycle through your teams.

Q: Settings: Functionality of 'Short/Long Click Action'?
A: If you have started your contact shortcuts, two main actions will be performed. a short or an extended click. By default a short click decisions {the variety|the amount|the quantity} stored within the shortcut and an extended click opens the context menu to begin completely different actions like call number, send text message, view the contact and conjointly replace, remove or move a shortcut. Short and long click actions will be overwritten with alternative actions. Please note, if you change the 'Long Click Action', the context menu will not be available anymore. Instead you can use 'Actions' from the main menu.

Q: what is the 'Actions' menu item?
A: lets you quickly replace, move, rename or remove a shortcut.

Q: What does the Media scanner do?
A: Use the integrated media scanner to scan for files on your phone without unplugging the SD Card. E.g. if you cannot see new footage within the picture gallery.

Q: is that this the ultimate version of SpeedDial?
A: No, SpeedDial continues to be in development. more updates are coming back soon...

*** about Permissions ***
- read Contacts: For adding a new contact and skim the phone variety
- decision Phone: For calling variety using the phone's dialer app


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